Addiction is not a Choice

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Addiction is not a Choice Most people don’t realize that addiction is not a choice, nor is it a weakness of character, a failure of will, or an inherited brain disease. Addiction is a response to human suffering, and it is usually going to be harder on individuals who were traumatized as children. Some of […]

Complaining is the language of failure!

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Complaining is the language of failure! I do not say that to demean or defame but there is a mountain of evidence that shows that negative people are 17 times more likely to lead a negative life and a life of failure than a positive person is. There is actually a psychological term for negative […]

It is Your Dream, Not Their Dream!

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It is Your Dream, Not Their Dream!   It’s Your Dream Why is it that when you have a dream, you look for acceptance of the people around you. Your friends, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your parents. They tell you it’s not possible or it’ll be too hard. It’s not their dream, it’s your dream. […]

Forget the past!

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Forget the past, Live in the Present, and Create your Future! People come into our lives for a reason, but it does not mean they were meant to stay. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to live in the past that we forget to live now and move forward. It does not mean we […]

Sleep Smarter!

A woman sleeping with a sleeping mask

A guide to get better sleep and lead a better life! Summary  From the book Sleep Smarter By Shawn Stevenson There is nothing quite like getting a good night’s sleep. Waking up refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the world is the ideal feeling that we all would love to have. The challenge is […]

The $14,400 day!

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The $14,400 day So many people use the excuse that they are too busy to do this or do that. They are the same people that are always late. “Oh, things are crazy. Sorry I’m late.” I bet if I told them to be somewhere at 8am tomorrow morning and I would give them $14,400 […]

Are you truly happy?

happy friends

Are you truly happy?   So many people are looking for happiness where it can never be found.  You are looking for happiness in things, possessions, money, and recognition. You’re looking for it in another person.  You’re looking for praise from a parent,  love from another person, for someone to like your Instagram photo but […]

Overcoming Negative Thoughts!

Just Say No To Negativity - sign promoting positive thoughts kindness hope instead of being negative

Overcoming Negative Thoughts   You have no idea how lucky you really are. You had a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being a human being and you won. Think about that for a second. Feels good doesn’t it. Haha. Seriously though, we have a 2 million year old brain that was not designed to make […]

Finding Your Fire!

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Finding Your Fire The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. –Mark Twain Before you can create the perfect life, you have to understand who you are. Why do you do what you do? What’s your purpose? Some call it their “manifesto”; others […]